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current exhibition
Color study  | cafe brio: hillsborough,nj

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Traditionally, a color study is the pre work done for a piece of art. It gives the artist a chance to practice different color combinations before committing to the final color choices for the piece. This body of work is less like a traditional color study and more of catalogue of a study I did of colors without a subject matter. This makes these pieces solely about color and their relationships to one another.  Because that’s what life is isn’t it? About your story and the relationships you have to the world, your surroundings, each other? Color theory has always influenced my work because it is such a mystical yet scientific topic that truly needs time and space to be explored. Color makes us feel, it makes us think, and here is what I think.

Colors are like people. When they stand alone they certainly have their own essence, but when put next to another color, become more truly themselves. Friends, partners, family, all help make us who we are as an individual. When you put a neutral green next to a vibrant yellow the yellow almost looks more yellow than it would on it’s own. When you pair complementary colors together they naturally make sense in our minds because of science and perception. How wonderful is it to think that even a person that is totally opposite from you, can be complementary to you. Each square and rectangle is it’s own unique color but plays such an important role in the entire composition of each piece. 

I chose to paint in antique letterpress trays for a few reasons. I have always loved the visual representation of multiples whether the shapes were symmetrical or not. I love that these held little block letters used to create words and sentences and whole newspapers before the introduction of digital media. This ties back to the idea of community and how important it is to have many letters and not just one, in order to create a word or a thought. I also find it exciting to find little treasure to put inside of each square or rectangle. I have seen trays like these hung as wall art with little trinkets and doodads place inside in homes of grandparents or older aunts and uncles. They are wonderful time capsules that can be passed down for generations to hold life’s little treasures. 

The small circular paintings also represent unity and community. They are cut pieces from an oak tree branch and was once living, as you can tell by the rings on each piece and each has a different painting on the front. These patterns are inspired by mandalas that are typically references to the universe. May all of these pieces remind you that you are important to the tapestry of our community and our universe. 




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