Everywhere Flo and I go people come up to me and share their story of a bus they had, have, or knew of. I am excited to announce the start of a new project called “There Once Was a Bus…” which will be a collection of people’s stories about buses in their life! I would like for it to be primarily about VWs but if you have a story about a school bus please share it as well. Please tell me your story below and attach any pictures you may have of the bus or pictures relating to the story.

Please take some time and share your story about the bus you had, have, or once knew. It can be just the facts, or you can share a memory or short story. Please send any images you may have of the bus to If there aren’t pictures that go with the your story, please include as many descriptive facts as you can so I can great illustrations to pair with it.

Name *
What kind of bus was it, what color, any distinct markings, paint job, accessories, did it have a name etc.
Tell me a story about your experience with this bus. It can be however long you want it.
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By checking this box I agree to let Art Across Borders and/or Samantha Matthews use my story and pictures (if given) in any publication in the future. You will receive copies and links to whatever is published in the future